This bittersweet romantic comedy (2009) centers on the anxieties of a good-natured Tel Aviv cabbie (Dror Keren): he’s afraid of airplanes but needs to fly to Paris for his son’s bar mitzvah, his ex-wife’s new husband wants him to invest in a dubious business enterprise, and he’s smitten with his son’s music teacher, an attractive—and married—Russian emigre (Elena Yaralova). Against his better judgment the cabbie finds ways to see her, but then the husband (Vladimir Freedman) returns from a trip Canada, intent on moving her there. Director Leonid Prudovsky, a fan of Claude Lelouch and Woody Allen, calls to mind their glory days by embracing humanism, celebrating beauty, delighting in serendipity, and staring down the darker side of life. In Hebrew and Russian with subtitles.