In this bleak second feature by Polish filmmaker Tomasz Wasilewski, a closeted, ultramasculine professional swimmer (Mateusz Banasiuk) falls head over heels for a younger man (Bartosz Gelner), which complicates the athlete’s relationship with an unsuspecting girlfriend and distracts him from his intense training. The guys forge ahead despite these obstacles, not to mention Poland’s general antagonism toward LGBT people, though the film is hardly optimistic. Washed out cinematography, coercive camera work, and a tragic narrative stifle any sense of hope for the wayward lovers. I was discomfited by Wasilewski’s clinical assessment of the characters: his hackneyed explanation for their sexual orientation (overbearing mothers, naturally) and his cold depictions of their courtship (not to mention their lovemaking) suggest a punitive attitude. In Polish with subtitles.