For Love in the Caserio

Adapted from a play by Antonio Morales, this 2013 drama transplants Romeo and Juliet to a Puerto Rican ghetto, with the handsome young lovers (Anoushka Medina and Xavier Antonio Morales) divided by feuding drug crews. Director Luis Enrique Rodriguez shot the movie in the shabby Llorens neighborhood near Ocean Park, recruiting some players from the area, and the montage sequences offer some vibrant local color. The whole thing goes down pretty easily, though the occasional nods to Shakespeare (“You’re so cheesy!” the girl exclaims in the balcony scene, as the boy riffs on Romeo’s “Juliet is the sun” soliloquy) are effectively neutralized by all the melodramatic cliches (the girl and her mother slap each other in the face and then stare at each other openmouthed). In Spanish with subtitles.