Directed by Gerald Peary of the Boston Phoenix, this breezy documentary surveys the history of American film criticism, from the pioneers of the genre (Frank E. Woods, Vachel Lindsay) to the writers who turned it into literature (Manny Farber, James Agee) to the 60s generation (Pauline Kael, Andrew Sarris) to the Internet babblers (Harry Knowles, whose opening recollection of watching King Kong from his crib verges on self-caricature). The talking heads assembled for the project—including Owen Gleiberman, Stuart Klawans, J. Hoberman, Roger Ebert, Richard Schickel, Molly Haskell, Michael Wilmington, and Lisa Schwarzbaum—are uncommonly bright and discerning, though a bit clubby for my taste; most of my heroes (Dave Kehr, Jonathan Rosenbaum, David Thomson, Kent Jones, Armond White) either weren’t interviewed or can barely get a word in edgewise. 81 min.