Separated since childhood, a half brother and sister meet and fall passionately in love, at first unaware they are committing incest. The girl’s pregnancy prompts her mother to denounce her to the authorities. The couple refuse to have an abortion or to end their relationship, and eventually they are jailed, only to run back to each other as soon as their terms are up. Zsolt Kezdi-Kovacs’s film is a delirious expression of l’amour fou, effectively filmed against a prosaic background. Driving, floating long takes, reminiscent of Kezdi-Kovacs’s mentor Miklos Jancso, are used to express the uncontrollable passion of the young couple—a passion that becomes an unstoppable revolutionary force, deployed instinctively and single-mindedly against a repressive society. The film is based on a true story—the real-life couple continued having children and going back to jail. With Lili Monori and Miklos B. Szekely.