The fifth feature by critic-turned-filmmaker Dan Sallitt explores the lifelong friendship between two fledgling Brooklynites, Mara (Tallie Medel from the director’s previous film, The Unspeakable Act) and Jo (Norma Kuhling). Mara, a teacher’s aide, writes on the side, while Jo, a social worker, has difficulty keeping a job; both date several men over the film’s unspecified timeline. Eventually Mara gets pregnant and has a child, while Jo’s life devolves due to her substance abuse and mental health issues. Where French auteur Eric Rohmer was the primary point of reference for Sallitt’s earlier films, here one feels the influence of another French auteur, Maurice Pialat, in the use of ellipses to move the story, and thus the characters’ lives, forward. Sallitt once remarked that “[f]ilming two people sitting in a room talking is the ultimate in cinema.” This film finds Sallitt moving around perhaps more than ever, tracking his characters across the screen as well as over the years, but the sentiment continues to resonate. Sallitt’s clipped dialogue and his direction of actors also remain strong.