With her strong, chiseled features and take-no-prisoners attitude, Pam Grier was the best of the blaxploitation heroines of the 70s, transcending the tawdriness of vehicles like this one through sheer presence. She gamely bears the weight of this 1974 feature’s ideological inconsistency, functioning simultaneously as heroine and victim, avenger and sex kitten, conscience of the community and law unto herself. The film is dated, but its mixed message—and its potential to offend virtually everyone—still makes it a powerful discussion starter. Grier’s Foxy has to rescue her younger brother from a drug ring, fight organized crime, and prevent a drug shipment from reaching the streets of her community, and along the way she’s manhandled, abused, degraded, and displayed as a spectacle. Not for those made squeamish by torture, rape, castration, or foul language. R, 91 min.