In bringing painter Frida Kahlo to the big screen (2002), Salma Hayek chose as her director Julie Taymor, whose first film, Titus, featured stunning visuals—coups de theatre in cinematic terms. Similar touches can be found in Frida, notably the impressionistic handling of the streetcar accident that resulted in a lifetime of pain for the artist; a witty montage that takes Kahlo and her husband, muralist Diego Rivera (a typically robust performance from Alfred Molina), from Mexico to New York; and a sequence in which Rivera becomes King Kong to Kahlo’s Fay Wray. But as with all biopics, there are deadening moments, as when Frida is introduced to Tina Modotti (uh, Ashley Judd) at a party. This is the Classics Illustrated version of Kahlo’s story—fun mostly for the sets and the clothes.