On the surface, Barry (Gary Green) isn’t the most charming protagonist. He’s addicted to heroin, a poor father, and an even worse husband. But on the night of his latest bender, Barry gets abducted by aliens—who decide to take him on a journey through writer-director Ryan Kruger’s version of South Africa’s seedy underbelly. Kruger’s debut feature is not for those looking for a calm and cohesive experience, but if a manic and disgusting joyride is more what you’re after, Fried Barry is for you. Barry only says a handful of words over the course of the film’s runtime, but the energy of this film lies in Green’s wide-eyed, piercing stare that says everything for him. Once Fried Barry steps on the gas, it only gets more intense and unbelievable at every turn, even if it leaves whatever plot there was in the dust. Paired with an acid- and cum-stained visual aesthetic and a pulsing score, Kruger makes you revel in the chaos—blurring the lines between Barry’s drug-induced brain chemistry and the alien taking control of him.