Justin Timberlake plays an LA web designer who’s recruited by New York headhunter Mila Kunis to work for GQ in this sexy, rapid-fire romantic comedy, which simultaneously spoofs and adheres to the genre. Though a natural fit as buddies, they’re both so commitment-phobic that they couple only after agreeing that the sex will be strictly physical. Of course their snappy pillow talk leads to something deeper, once their feelings emerge from the distracting clutter of iPads, cell phones, and chick flicks (Jason Segel parodies himself in the movie-within-the-movie). The jokes don’t all work and the topical references can be irritably hipper-than-thou, but at least director and cowriter Will Gluck (Easy A) aims high: this is patterned on the Tracy and Hepburn comedies, albeit with a lot more skin.