<i<From the Land of the Moon

Set mainly in the 1950s and told through flashbacks, this treacly French drama about an unhappily married woman (Marion Cotillard) recalling her lost loves is almost laughable in its broad, empty portrayal of sexual desire. Raised in the country by conservative Catholic parents, the woman obsesses first over a local schoolteacher and later, while she’s being treated for kidney stones at a spa in the Swiss Alps, over an ailing veteran of the First Indochina War (Louis Garrel) who’s visibly bored with her. Working from a novel by Milena Agus, writer-director Nicole Garcia and cowriter Jacques Fieschi take an oddly chaste approach to the material, and though Cotillard emotes beautifully, her character’s lack of clear and convincing motivation renders the performance hollow. In French, Spanish, and German with subtitles.