This 2018 animated film set during the Cambodian genocide begins with a three-year-old boy’s separation from his parents while they are all trying to walk across a mine-studded river. Director Denis Do painstakingly depicts the mundane and extraordinary cruelties of the Khmer regime by utilizing a split narrative following the lives of both the son and his parents in separate labor camps after their tragic estrangement. With tense, geometric animation and a lush, affecting soundtrack, this French-Luxembourgian-Belgian production has rightfully been compared to Isao Takahata’s Grave of the Fireflies in its ability to portray the horrors of war through a lens of deep intimacy. Luminous and immersive, at times overwhelmingly so, this film is a realist’s ode to the hope that remains after one has survived the unimaginable. In French with subtitles.