French pop star Serge Gainsbourg was as much iconoclast as icon, so it’s fitting that this fanciful biopic is both affectionate and irreverent. Writer-director Joann Sfar, an award-winning comic book author adapting his own graphic work, uses animation and puppetry in the macabre first act, in which the protagonist, a precocious Jewish art student born Lucien Ginsburg, escapes deportation from Vichy France by hiding in the countryside. In the second act the adult Lucien (Eric Elmosnino) chucks painting and his old name for composing, and though Serge Gainsbourg soon takes Paris (and such 60s beauties as Juliette Greco, Brigitte Bardot, and Jane Birkin) by storm, he’s plagued by alcohol and a grotesque, beak-nosed alter-ego (Doug Jones of Pan’s Labyrinth). Songs are plentiful, but the actors do their own singing. In French with subtitles.