Cult director Curtis Harrington (Night Tide) claimed that he wanted Marlene Dietrich to star in this 1967 chiller, but given that it’s a knockoff of Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Diabolique (1955), Harrington was oddly fortunate to land one of its stars, Simone Signoret. She plays an elegant woman who manages to con her way into the home of wealthy Manhattan hipsters James Caan and Katharine Ross; for some reason they install her as a house guest, and she involves them in a series of increasingly sinister pranks. Shot on the Universal Pictures lot, this has the staid, well-lit look of the studio’s voluminous TV product, and in fact Harrington would find his metier in made-for-TV creepers like How Awful About Allan (1971) and Killer Bees (1974).