A sympathetic but disappointing 1983 follow-up to Rock ‘n’ Roll High School by director Allan Arkush. Based on his experiences as a light rigger at the Fillmore East, Arkush’s loosely structured story takes place during a New Year’s concert at a west-coast rock palace that brings together (and lampoons) a fantasy assortment of musical styles: a big city bluesman (Bill Henderson), an addled acid rocker (Howard Volman), a burned-out folkie (Lou Reed), an animalistic punk (Lee Ving), and a British superstud (Malcolm McDowell). Daniel Stern is the manager struggling to keep the show on the road, despite assaults from a motorcycle gang and a bomb planted by a business rival (Ed Begley Jr.). Arkush’s communal vision has a utopian charm, and no one would accuse him of a lack of energy and invention—it’s just that the gags are too numerous, too uneven, and too fuzzily executed to provide the rush the film is aiming for.