Get Hard

Will Ferrell stars as a Bel Air stockbroker who’s convicted of defrauding investors and sentenced to ten years in San Quentin; Kevin Hart is the South Central car-wash owner who, posing as an ex-con, agrees to school the money man on how to survive in prison. Anal rape jokes and racial stereotypes dominate this third-rate comedy, which can’t help but recall Trading Places (1983) with its class-war story pairing a hot black comic and a past-his-prime white one. By the end the Ferrell character has learned to appreciate black booty and the Hart character’s gangbanger buddies have become students of the stock market; you can call that racial healing, I guess, in the same way that a broken bone heals when it isn’t set properly. Etan Cohen directed; with Craig T. Nelson and Alison Brie (Mad Men).