When directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (Crank, Gamer) are firing on all cylinders—which, in this Marvel Comics adaptation, is about half the time—they make movies that look like no one else’s. Employing highly physical camerawork and crass, spoofy humor, they successfully translate the crude pleasures of skateboarding videos and homemade comics to a feature film structure. This sequel to Ghost Rider (2007) marks the first time they’ve directed a script they didn’t write, and the superhero plot often seems to hamper their imaginations: the lengthy fight scenes that weigh down every Marvel Studios production feel more tired than usual here. But this doesn’t lack for crazy charm, particularly when Nicolas Cage (in his go-for-broke Bad Lieutenant mode) and Ciaran Hinds (playing the devil) try to out-weird each other with broad, even cartoonish performances.