Essentially a $30 million version of Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy but not at all a bad time, thanks mainly to Bill Murray’s incredibly dry line readings and director Ivan Reitman’s maintenance of a moderately coherent tone and plotline (1984). Murray is the leader of a team of parapsychologists (his partners are Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, both curiously underutilized) who hire themselves out to trap domestic spooks; their toughest client is Sigourney Weaver, who sees a vision of the apocalypse in her refrigerator. Reitman (Meatballs, Stripes) is adept at low-key improvisational comedy; unfortunately, the film gets away from him in the last half, when the ever-mounting special effects force him to adopt a stiffer approach. With William Atherton, Annie Potts, and Rick Moranis.