Matt Aselton’s 2008 debut feature is the sort of quirk-heavy indie that proliferated in the mid-90s, when movie stars were just beginning to colonize the genre in search of good parts. Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood) is a soulful nerd working at a warehouse showroom for pricey mattresses, though his heart lies with the Chinese baby he’s planning to adopt. John Goodman has one of his best parts in years as an obnoxious high-roller who comes in looking for a bed, and Zooey Deschanel is his smoking-hot daughter, who delivers the genre’s requisite male wish fulfillment by coming on furiously to Dano. But that’s the normal part of Dano’s life—cut to the cabin home of his dad (Ed Asner), who’s preparing psilocybin tea for his three grown sons. This is loads of fun in the early stretch, as the characters are being introduced, but the story never really goes anywhere. With Jane Alexander. R, 98 min.