Godzilla vs. Kong delivers, wrecking cities, airplanes, and each other WWF style. This excellent monster smash-a-thon gloriously showcases top-notch motion-capture and CGI rendering, and truly epic fight sequences. Time will tell if this big-screen-worthy flick packs enough punch to herd audiences back to theaters—despite the lack of herd immunity. The fight scenes rival the best live-action flick. When Godzilla slices a battleship in half with his radioactive fin and shoots a blue sky-beam of laser breath into the sky and the entire crew sinks to the ocean (we assume they have life vests), it’s the COOLEST. When Kong smashes a plane in his bare fist it’s TOTES RAD. The one-dimensional humans barely merit notice, and the thin plot begs questions like: “How can a sun exist in the center of the earth?” Or “Why is Kong really into gothic architecture?” Adhering to its ultimate message of unity, the film tries (and fails) to avoid making political statements. Decoupling Godzilla from his legacy as a metaphor for nuclear radiation represents a missed opportunity to speak on the environment—but saving the earth doesn’t sell movie tickets, unfortunately. Bryan Tyree Henry (Atlanta), Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things), and Julian Dennison (Hunt For The Wilderpeople #SkuxLife) play a loveable trio of conspiracy truthers, disturbingly uncritically presented in the era of QAnon. Newcomer Jia (child actor Kaylee Hottle) soothes the savage beast Kong, inadvertently creating a “mystical disability” dynamic, while setting up potential for a robust sequel role for her character. I digress. Choose your fighter. #TeamGodzilla.