This Italian crime saga opens with a Godfather-style set piece in which three hoods are assassinated in the gleaming blue light of a tanning salon, which culminates in serial close-ups of their purple-spattered corpses. But the balance of the movie—scripted by director Matteo Garrone (The Embalmer), journalist Roberto Saviano, and four others—takes a less sensational, more investigative approach to its subject, interweaving four diverse story lines to show how the Neapolitan crime organization known as the Camorra has reached its tentacles into construction, garbage removal, the garment industry, and the ghetto drug trade. Given the breadth of the story, the characters never achieve much depth, but they’re part of a larger pattern: the younger ones are eager to find their way into the organization while the older ones are desperate to find their way out. In the most shocking scene, a little boy sets up his own neighbor for a hit, having discovered a bigger, infinitely more powerful community. In Italian with subtitles.