At least two target audiences exist for this riotously vulgar coming-of-age comedy: tweens who enjoy grossing each other out and adults who’ll recognize their sweeter, younger selves in the loopy trio of naive middle school buddies who chase after a romantic first kiss at any cost. Jacob Tremblay (Room) stars as a wannabe Romeo pining for a classmate who’s been invited to a cool kid’s spin-the-bottle party, so he borrows his dad’s forbidden drone for field research in making out. Everything goes haywire from there as he and his cohorts (Keith L. Williams, Brady Noon) get increasingly more desperate and brazen in their deceptions. At least four of the movie’s set pieces are screamingly funny for their choreography, sight gags, editing, and a child’s cockeyed view of reality, but the biggest laughs occur when a role-play game collector buys into one of the kids’ schemes and winds up with Noon’s father’s lifelike “CPR doll.” In between those sequences the humor is quieter and at times rueful, and the ending gag lacks punch, but overall the movie delivers on its premise. Gene Stupnitsky directed and cowrote with Lee Eisenberg; with Will Forte, Lil Rel Howery, Molly Gordon, and Midori Francis.