Frank Novak’s hilariously demented American independent film revolves around the marital battles of an Italian immigrant forklift driver and her unemployed husband in blue-collar LA and each one’s attempts to rally the neighbors to his or her side. The characterizations are down and dirty but never mean-spirited—it’s essentially an affectionate portrait. The wacky, profane dialogue and the multiple obsessions—including the passion most of the male characters have for collecting toy action figures—have the ring of truth. The film’s best sequences use comedy to get at some deeper, wicked insight into human nature—the moment the wife’s new lesbian lover, a yuppie accountant, sees the wife’s table manners, you know it’s over. Yet the Pyrrhic glee with which the husband reacts to a nasty incident involving his wife’s car paradoxically evokes more pity than laughs, nicely setting up the finale. 90 min.