Nine videos that educate and enlighten, several from multicultural perspectives. The most provocative is Tonguc Baykurt’s Jan-Yusuf, in which a young German boy overhears that he’s going to be circumcised at the request of his Turkish grandmother and confuses that operation with amputation; the grandmother becomes a repository for his fears until his resistance earns her respect. In Dave Pescod’s British animation Sweetpeace world leaders decide to make candy rather than missiles, despite a protest from dentists, and the world becomes a more colorful place. In Jon Doyle and John Offord’s The Foxbusters: Acluckalypse Now flying chickens try to stop a fox threat by seeking out a legendary chicken; a corpulent parody of Brando’s Colonel Kurtz, he explains, “To defeat the foxes you must become the foxes.” The most visually lively entries are Sylvain Charbonneau’s one-minute shorts from the Canadian TV series Science Please: in “Sound Is Vibrations” black-and-white images of sound-producing objects (birds, a chainsaw) are intercut with color animation of vibrating molecules. 91 min.