Perhaps the quintessential Hong Sang-soo film, this short black-and-white feature eschews narrative for a series of pointed observations on the South Korean writer-director’s favorite subjects: creativity, flirtation, passive-aggressive oneupmanship, drinking, and leisure time. Hong’s muse Kim Min-hee stars as an aspiring writer who spends an afternoon and evening hanging out at a coffee shop and eavesdropping on strangers’ conversations. All of the strangers are either actors or screenwriters, and most of the conversations concern creative stagnation or suicide (the film is awfully melancholy in spite of its breezy surface tone). Hong raises the possibility that the discussions are simply going on in Kim’s head and that each encounter represents a new draft of the same story, but this isn’t a movie to be puzzled over like the director’s Hill of Freedom (2014) or Yourself and Yours (2016). The distinction between the real and the imagined is ultimately moot—for Hong’s self-regarding yet sympathetic characters, all activity is the province of the mind. In Korean with subtitles.