Chadian writer-director Mahamat-Saleh Haroun follows up his downbeat drama A Screaming Man (2010) with this uplifting underdog story, complete with dance numbers and a sweet romantic subplot. The title character is a genial young man who’s conquered a physical disability to become the most popular dancer at the local discotheque; when his stepfather falls ill and requires hospitalization, he takes up with a crime syndicate to make extra money, naively assuming he can get out whenever he wants. Haroun gracefully navigates the story through several shifts in tone; the movie begins as a naturalistic musical, veers into film noir territory, and concludes as something like a feminist parable. Consistent throughout is a spirit of warm solidarity—among Grigris’s family, the discotheque regulars, even some members of the crime syndicate—that makes the good cheer all but irresistible. In French and Arabic with subtitles.