Nostalgia figures heavily in this indie comedy (2015), which takes place in 1979 in a suburb of Seattle. Smith Bhatnagar (Roni Akurati) is a small, bespectacled Indian-American kid trying to survive in an era when his grade school classmates think Indians are made to get killed by cowboys. Besotted with American culture (Star Wars, Happy Days, Saturday Night Fever), he pines for a blond classmate who lives across the street from him (Brighton Sharbino) and admires her good ol’ boy father (Jason Lee in a solid dramatic performance). When Smith is menaced on the street by a trio of bullies, he hurls a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken at them and takes off on his bike, which has a banana seat and streamers on the handlebars and a bullhorn that Smith often uses to call out “How are you doing?” to his neighbors (his father has told him that Americans like to be asked this). Frank Lotito directed.