Without being any sort of miracle, this engaging and lively exploitation fantasy-thriller (1995) about computer hackers, anarchistic in spirit, succeeds in representing computer operations with some visual flair. The isolated teenage hero (Jonny Lee Miller), having caused 1,507 Wall Street computers to crash some years before, moves to New York with his mother and eventually joins forces with other disenfranchised hackers at school (“Hackers of the world, unite!”) against a hacker working for a corporation who’s bent on snuffing them out. Director and executive producer Iain Softley does his utmost with a so-so script by Rafael Moreu; the standout in a cast composed mainly of youthful unknowns (apart from Lorraine Bracco and Penn Jillette) is Angelina Jolie as the spiky hacker heroine. With Fisher Stevens, Jesse Bradford, Laurence Mason, and Renoly Santiago.