Yvan Attal, the French actor who made his feature-directing debut with My Wife Is an Actress (2001), cites John Cassavetes and Woody Allen as formative influences, though the latter’s blinkered and claustrophobic domestic dramas seem more germane to this story of three male pals and their love lives. Attal plays a luxury car salesman who conceals his philandering not only from his wife (Charlotte Gainsbourg, Attal’s real-life partner) but also from his diametrically opposed sidekicks, a carefree bachelor (Alain Cohen) and a married man (Alain Chabat) consumed with bitterness toward his spouse. Gainsbourg has some cute scenes with Johnny Depp, a debonair stranger she meets in a Virgin megastore, but otherwise this is a fairly banal installment in the battle of the sexes. In French with subtitles. 100 min.