An advertisement for this Norwegian feature describes it as “a comedy about infidelity, moose meat, blowjobs and cottage cheese.” Oddly enough, I don’t remember any cottage cheese. A romantic tangle develops after the worldly Sigve (Henrik Rafaelsen) and Elisabeth (Maibritt Saerens) move to a small town, hoping to salvage their marriage after an adulterous episode, and begin socializing with the provincial Eirik (Joachim Rafaelsen) and Kaja (Agnes Kittelsen), who are having problems in the bedroom. In a provocatively funny subplot, the latter couple’s mischievous son and the former couple’s adopted black son begin an innocent game of master and slave. Director Anne Sewitsky aims for quirky humanism along the lines of Finland’s Aki Kaurismaki; she’s helped along considerably by Kittelsen’s sunny performance, though the film crosses over into Scandinavian kitsch with a series of country-swing interludes sung a capella by a male quartet.