A pair of escaped convicts lie low by pretending to be boyfriends and children’s-pageant consultants, after stealing an RV belonging to a couple fitting that profile. Though horrified by the idea, one of the men (Steve Zahn) eventually develops a knack for coaching the little girls of Happy, Texas, for an upcoming competition; the other (Jeremy Northam) concentrates on planning a robbery and wooing bank president Ally Walker even as he’s being wooed by sheriff William H. Macy. This screwball buddy comedy’s simple ironies might not have amounted to much without the phenomenal talent of Zahn, Macy, and Illeana Douglas (as the girls’ teacher) in the more histrionic roles. But its charm and humor will be overshadowed for some by the exploitation of gay stereotypes—which is ironic, since their arch usage ultimately allows the movie to be progressive, if only slightly. Written by Ed Stone, Phil Reeves, and director Mark Illsley. (1999, 104 min.)