A self-help book disguised as a movie, this romantic comedy combines stories of angst-ridden New York singles with the kind of uplifting homilies found in bestsellers like The Happiness Project and Simple Abundance. Reserving the best lines for himself, writer-director-star Josh Radnor (How I Met Your Mother) plays a would-be novelist whose fear of commitment is tested by his love for a striking chanteuse (Kate Mara) and his concern for a runaway boy. Meanwhile, his best pal (Malin Akerman) battles an alcohol problem, low self-esteem, and hair loss, while another of his confidantes (Zoe Kazan) fears she’ll lose her filmmaker boyfriend (Pablo Schreiber) to Hollywood. That’s way too much pity-partying for one movie, especially when its sagest advice is to look on the bright side. Thankyoubutnomoreplease.