TV writer Dan Harmon created the hip, terminally low-rated NBC sitcom Community and the nerd-friendly podcast Harmontown, which this documentary by Neil Berkeley shows him taking on the road for a series of comedy-club stagings in January 2013. “I’m the Oprah of ineffectual white people,” Harmon declares at one point, proving at once his wit, his self-knowledge, and his questionable relevance. As he points out himself, he doesn’t really have an act like the real comedians who play these rooms, though the “army of nerds” who turn out for his shows don’t seem to mind. Toward the end of this fan-club item, Berkeley begins to reveal what a cold, mean, and self-loathing person Harmon can be. That kind of honesty is the difference between sitcoms like Community and 30 Rock, which can be clever and amusing, and a truly brilliant, risk-taking show like Louie, which can be either hilariously funny or mortally depressing.