The boy wizard (Daniel Radcliffe) clashes with the evil Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) in this bang-up conclusion to the long-running franchise. Wraiths help and confound Harry as he comes to grips with his own dark side and risks the lives of his classmates and teachers by chasing down long-buried clues to Voldemort’s weakness. Cinematographer Eduardo Serra underscores the sense of dread with a rich charcoal palette, and the outstanding CGI and 3D effects make the otherworldly threats more corporeal. The scene in which the dark wizards flame-bomb Hogwarts castle recalls the London blitz as portrayed in British movies about World War II; indeed director David Yates has crafted a most patriotic fantasy film with his focus on loyalty, self-sacrifice, tradition, and family. There’ll always be an England, it seems, even without Harry Potter.