An introverted young photographer (Jim Sturgess) with a heart-shaped birthmark over his left eye and cheek stumbles upon the alarming fact that nocturnal London is being stalked by homicidal, lizard-faced, Molotov-cocktail-tossing demons. After they kill his mother he goes looking for revenge, then unaccountably strikes a Faustian bargain with the boss devil (Joseph Mawle) to remove the blemish from his face. Philip Ridley wrote and directed this British horror movie, and though it’s less annoyingly pretentious than his last U.S. release, The Reflecting Skin (1990), that’s not saying much. This is the art-house equivalent of a Clive Barker splatterfest, punctuated by mildly amusing stabs at Lynchian absurdity and compromised by an incoherent plot twist that would leave M. Night Shyamalan rolling his eyes. With Ruth Sheen and Timothy Spall.