Turo is the singer in a metal band that’s been practicing regularly for 12 years but has never played a gig; he’s so anxious about performing for an audience that he throws up at the mere suggestion. What’s more, as long-haired outsiders in their small Finnish village, he and his bandmates face constant ridicule and police profiling. But just after recording their first demo, the group has a serendipitous meeting with a Norwegian festival promoter, and everything seems to change. Like Spinal Tap before it, Heavy Trip is often at its best when it pokes fun at the musical subculture it depicts, but you don’t need to be a metalhead to get in on the laughs. With its sometimes blood-soaked physical comedy, an epic chase across Scandinavia, and a hesher-meets-girl love plot thrown in for good measure, this is one of the funniest buddy films of the year. Juuso Laatio and Jukka Vidgren directed.