Hector and the Search for Happiness

Hoping to fend off a midlife crisis, an overcautious psychiatrist (Simon Pegg, more cuddly-wuddly than ever) goes on a worldwide journey to learn what makes people happy. He visits a Buddhist monastery in China, a refugee camp in a war-torn African country (the film is so Eurocentric that it doesn’t bother to identify which one), and an old flame in Los Angeles, only to realize he was already happy back in London with his beautiful fiancée (Rosamund Pike). The life lessons are patronizingly simple, and the views of exotic locales seem to have come out of an in-flight magazine. Peter Chelsom, the once-promising director of Hear My Song and Funny Bones, does his best to keep the sentimentality in check. With Toni Colette and Jean Reno.