He’s All That is an update to the 90s teen rom-com classic that we didn’t really need. This time around the Freddie Prinze Jr. role is filled by TikTok star Addison Rae, playing high-school influencer Padgett who after being meme-ified during a livestream breakup must for some reason make over the school loner (breakout heartthrob Tanner Buchanan) to regain followers and keep a sponsorship deal that will help her pay for college. And speaking of sponsorship, further proving that this movie is simply a cash grab are the wildly obvious product placements throughout—I’d mention specific instances here but those brands don’t need any more play. There are some fun moments to keep things interesting, like appearances from Rachael Leigh Cook and Matthew Lillard and a full on dance battle that is so ridiculous it just happens to work. Fans of the original might delight in the nods to She’s All That, including a less than surprising reveal that the “weirdo” is actually hot and the word for word replication of the now iconic “Am I a fucking bet?” scene. But if that’s what tickles your fancy the most, just throw on the original instead. 91 min.

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