Russell Mulcahy (The Shadow, the grungy and resourceful Razorback) seems a little lost in the budgetary richness of this 20th Century-Fox production from 1986; it plays like a lot of hyperkinetic three-minute movies stuck together, and you get the feeling that changing the order of the scenes wouldn’t make a whole lot of difference to the narrative. Christopher Lambert stars as an immortal Scottish warrior, born in the 16th century and preparing for his final conflict in the New York City of 1986. Mulcahy’s aggressive visual style (lots of gratuitous camera movements and bizarre camera angles) doesn’t make for a great deal of spatial coherence; add to this the temporal incoherence of the flashback-laden plotting and you’ve got a film that’s all but incomprehensible. Yet Lambert, with his beetle brow, broken nose, and vaguely crossed eyes, remains an amiable oddball presence, and Sean Connery radiates charm and nobility in a bit as an elder immortal who shows Lambert the rules of the game. With Roxanne Hart and Clancy Brown.