Based on the video game Hitman, this soulless actioner involves genetically engineered assassins with bar codes on the backs of their shaved heads. The title agent (Rupert Friend) struts around in a dark suit, squeezing off pistol shots from each hand, as he stalks a young woman (Hannah Ware) for reasons to be revealed later; help beckons in the form of a friendly government agent (Zachary Quinto), though even he isn’t what he seems. Aleksander Bach, making his feature debut, dresses up the endless chase with digital and laser gimmickry; he likes to film through windows as bullets shatter heads inside, throwing gore on the glass, and he likes to have people run up and down metal stairs so they can fall over balconies and break their backs on the handrails. Michael Finch collaborated on the screenplay with Skip Woods, former proprietor of a “weapons handling and tactical consulting firm” in Texas.