Local filmmaker Molly Hewitt makes her feature debut with this transgressive comedy about a dominatrix (played by the writer-director) who discovers she can communicate with the dead after she huffs a magical air freshener. The narrative generally takes a back seat to Hewitt’s portrait of an inclusive underground community that welcomes transsexual men and women, sex workers, S&M enthusiasts, and all sorts of people who live to get their freak on. The generous vibe goes a long way in keeping this interesting; ditto the imaginative production design (credited to one Mood Killer, aka Columbia College grad Michael Zarowny), which pops with Day-Glo colors and an array of comically similar-looking consumer goods that suggest the influence of Alex Cox’s Repo Man. Yet Hewitt still has a ways to go in terms of storytelling; many of the scenes drag on past their welcome, and the overall pacing feels indifferent.