A program of recent shorts about dysfunctional families, the longest of which, Jennifer K. Midlin’s Kitties (2001, 37 min.), synchronizes home-movie footage with a sound track of the filmmaker, her two sisters, and their blue-collar parents candidly giving their bleak opinions of one another, exposing a loveless family history. Georgia Lee’s Educated is the harrowing yet elegant story of a Chinese-American teen driven to suicide by the academic expectations of her parents. Megan Sanchez-Warner’s The Stream—in which a girl misguidedly sets her baby brother afloat on a stream in a basket to save him from her quarreling parents—has the look and feel of a film-school thesis, as does Marianna Haniger’s brief ecological vignette Little Lamb. Also on the program: works by Carol Jacobsen, Sandra Contreras, Marzena Grzegorczyk, and Sheila Sofian. 97 min.