A largely by-the-book thriller, Honest Thief tells the tale of Tom (Liam Neesom), a former notorious professional bank robber with a heart of gold who wants to cut a deal to give up his life of crime. His motivation? Love, of course. Tom wants to spend the rest of his days with Annie (Kate Walsh), the woman of his dreams who knows nothing of his previous line of work. Standing in his way? Two scheming FBI agents who steal his money and attempt to frame him for a murder, forcing Tom on the run as he attempts to gather evidence to clear his name. Writer-director Mark Williams puts together some rather standard crime thriller fare, with Neeson portraying yet another brooding man with a unique set of skills, as a poorly thought out scheme quickly spirals out of control. Overall the performances are largely forgettable, though Anthony Ramos puts in a credible shift as the in-over-his-head Agent Hall. Jeffrey Donovan’s stern and skeptical glare as Agent Meyers also does some decent work, while simultaneously providing some needed comic relief with his newly acquired dog Tazzie, who he can never quite seem to figure out what to feed.