The first five minutes of Honey Boy move so fast it’s almost dizzying. This seemingly autobiographical film written by and starring Shia LaBeouf follows the dysfunctional relationship between child star Otis (played by the wise-beyond-his-years, Noah Jupe as a child and by indie-film-favorite Lucas Hedges as an adult) and his alcoholic father James (LaBeouf) over the course of a decade, told through flashbacks and dream sequences. As a child, Otis is instantly lovable, but as a young adult, he’s a raging alcoholic whose sentence to a rehab center prompts many of the film’s most triggering flashbacks. Yet, in this movie there are no villains; despite James being the primary perpetrator of Otis’s suffering, he too is a victim with a traumatic past that evokes more sympathy than disgust. Nevertheless, in Otis’s adult years we can see the scars from a childhood spent growing up too fast. LaBeouf is a tour de force, and his performance feels all the more poignant considering his own beginnings as a child star and later legal troubles. Chaotic in the best way possible, Honey Boy is as heartbreaking as it is gritty, unflinching in its portrayal of a complicated father-son relationship that leaves both parties—and the viewer—devastated.