Nearly everyone in this Italian drama (2013) refers to the protagonist as “Honey,” but her job is to bring the lemon: armed with veterinary barbiturates that she buys in Mexico, this solemn young woman (Jasmine Trinca) arrives at the homes of the terminally ill and assists them in committing suicide. Her conception of herself as an angel of mercy begins to crumble after she meets a despondent but otherwise healthy older gentleman (Carlo Cecchi) who tricks her into leaving him with a fatal dose, and though she keeps coming back to check up on him, he sees right through her: “Is saving me some sort of redemption for all the others?” Despite all the scenes of the heroine stripping down to her panties to make out with her fly-by-night boyfriend, she’s never really laid bare as a character; her helpless, beseeching customers leave a much deeper impression. Actress Valeria Golino (Rain Man) directed, in her feature debut. In Italian with subtitles.