Honeydew tries to push some of horror’s most familiar tropes to their limits. This ambition doesn’t always pay off, but it’s an admirable attempt. Following couple Sam (Sawyer Spielberg) and Riley (Malin Barr) on a road trip through the backwoods, the movie sees them hit a snag at each turn as they navigate unknown roads and an uncomfortable relationship. Eventually, they’re forced to take shelter in an isolated farmhouse, which calls to mind The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, inhabited by the elderly Karen (Barbara Kingsley) and her ailing son Gunni (Jamie Bradley). The slow burn that starts here documents the couple’s descent into the bizarre, which is fueled by strange cravings and hallucinations. It’s a story as strategic as it is stylish that’s engaging enough. The reveal, however, suffers from a bit of predictability and a distracting cameo that threatens to undo Honeydew’s accomplishments but ultimately ends things on a solid note.