French schlockmeister Alexandre Aja (High Tension, Piranha 3D) ventures into Grimm brothers territory and acquits himself surprisingly well; however crass and mean-spirited this 2013 fantasy gets, the handling of fairytale conventions is sincere, which gives the film an emotional weight. A small-town radio DJ (Daniel Radcliffe), accused of murdering his angelic girlfriend (Juno Temple), is ostracized by the community and grows horns that cause the people he encounters to act on their worst impulses. The filmmakers milk this premise for plenty of gross-out gags (which they deliver with undeniable panache) without really subverting the story’s inherent puritanism. Keith Bunin adapted a novel by Joe Hill (aka Joseph Hillstrom King, son of Stephen); with Max Minghella, David Morse, and Heather Graham.