An appealing juvenile cast distinguishes this otherwise uneven live-action adaptation of Thomas Rockwell’s 1973 young adult book. Writer-director Bob Dolman (The Banger Sisters) adopts the canned humor of Saturday-morning television with his setup of a tweener disgruntled by his family’s move to a new town. Plagued by a weak stomach and an annoying baby brother, the boy (Luke Benward) immediately is targeted by a bully (Adam Hicks) and his gang, who bet the kid can’t ingest ten worms in a day. The movie gathers steam as these little terrors up the ante with each new gross-out recipe. Former child star Hallie Kate Eisenberg, blooming into a beautifully poised young woman, grounds the film as Benward’s loyal supporter, while Tom Cavanagh (TV’s Ed) labors to transcend a standard-issue role as his sympathetic dad. PG, 83 min.