A stable married man (Mark Duplass) who’s trying to make a baby with his loving wife (Alycia Delmore) is reunited with an old college pal (Joshua Leonard) who hangs with a crew of sexually adventurous bohemians. During a drunken party with this crowd, the two straight friends hatch the crazy idea of boffing each other for a video to be entered in the Stranger‘s annual festival of amateur porn. Duplass, the funny and charismatic writer-star of The Puffy Chair (2005) and writer-director of Baghead (2008), shoulders the toughest role, having to rationalize the stunt to himself, and ultimately his stunned and uncomprehending wife, as an exercise in artistic idealism, though it seems more like a juvenile dare shot through with early midlife crisis. The scenes between husband and wife are spectacularly awkward and arresting, though the movie grows more dubious the nearer the guys get to their shooting session in a local hotel room. Lynn Shelton directed. R, 94 min.