In the mountains of New Zealand, a troublesome foster child (Julian Dennison) is delivered into the care of an elderly couple (Sam Neill, Rima Te Wiata), and ultimately he and the old man must go on the run, fending for themselves in the wild. Based on Barry Crump’s 1986 novel Wild Pork and Watercress, this spirited comic adventure by writer-director Taika Waititi shares more in common with his gentle, character-driven drama Boy (2010) than his recent vampire farce What We Do in the Shadows (2014). Like Mark Twain, Waititi looks for humor in quirks of character and degrees of stubbornness, and the natural challenges of Crump’s wilderness journey generate a succession of belly laughs onscreen as the gruff old man scraps with the loudmouthed kid, a pudgy hip-hopper looking for a challenge equal to his will.